APNIC threaten to withdraw support of APRICOT

2023-01-02 01:19:12

LARUS are disappointed to learn that APNIC have threatened to withdraw from the forthcoming APRICOT conference.

LARUS is pleased to have entered into a sponsorship arrangement with APRICOT in order market our services to the community.

In an email sent to LARUS from the organisers of APRICOT - Asia Pacific Internet Association Pty Ltd - they confirm they have been instructed by APNIC that APNIC will withdraw their support of APRICOT if LARUS remains a sponsor. APNIC then made a number of serious and false claims to Asia Pacific Internet Association Pty Ltd that causes serious damage to LARUS.

Despite numerous attempts by LARUS to seek confirmation of the position from APNIC, we are yet to receive a response.

In the interests of transparency for the community, we are publishing details of the correspondence in its entirety so that the community may make up their own mind.

LARUS believe that APRICOT is an important community event which must be allowed to continue despite the bullying from APNIC. As such, LARUS has confirmed that it will step in to cover APNIC’s financial responsibilities to APRICOT.

In this election year, we are aware that representatives of APNIC may wish to try and manufacture a dispute where this is none in an attempt to justify the use of code of conduct measures. That is why LARUS are calling in APNIC to withdraw their threats, apologise to Asia Pacific Internet Association Pty Ltd for misleading them and for APNIC’s Paul Wilson to apologise to the wider community for APNIC’s behaviour. This would close the matter.

Despite not even having the courtesy of an acknowledgment email from APNIC, LARUS remain available to speak with senior representatives of APNIC at any time.

Larus is delighted to confirm that APNIC are going to participate in APRICOT and have withdrawn their threat.

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