Copyright & Trademark Claims

Please read here if you have copyright or trademark claims regarding customer inside our network.

Please find following relevent information for contacting LARUS Limitd. regarding copyright and trademark claims inside our network, Please note, response time for such complaint may be up to 2 weeks depanding on the investgation period and complexity of the case.

1. To notify LARUS that there has been a copyright or trademark violation, please follow the specific instructions in(A)for filing a trademark claim, or (B)filing a copyright complaint.

2. If you are responding to a complaint of infringement, you will need to follow our Counter Notification policy in(C).

A. Trademark Claims

1. If you (the "Complaining Party") would like to submit a trademark claim for violation of a mark on which you hold a valid, registered trademark or service mark (registered with HongKong ,China and Trademark Office or, for foreign marks, registered with the appropriate intellectual property organization of your country; state registrations are not considered valid for these purposes), LARUS requests that the Complaining Party substantiate such claim by either: (i) filling out the form available here, or (ii) providing the following information via email to The words "Trademark Claim" should appear in the subject line.

To be considered effective, a notification of a claimed trademark violation must include the following information:

  • The trademark, service mark, trade dress, name, or other indicia of origin ("mark") that is claimed to be infringed, including registration number.
  • The jurisdiction or geographical area to which the mark applies.
  • The name, post office address and telephone number of the owner of the mark identified above.The goods and/or services covered by or offered under the mark identified above.
  • The date of first use of the mark identified above.
  • The date of first use in interstate commerce of the mark identified above.
  • A description of the manner in which the Complaining Party believes its mark is being infringed upon. Sufficient evidence that the owner of the website that is claimed to be infringing is a LARUS customer.
  • The precise location of the infringing mark, including electronic mail address, etc.

A good faith certification, signed under penalty of perjury, stating:

  • The content of the website [identify website] infringes the rights of another party.
  • The name of such said party.
  • The mark [identify mark] being infringed.
  • That use of the content of the webiste claimed to be infringing at issue is not defensible.

2. Upon receipt of the appropriate information identified in Section 1 above, for trademark claims, LARUS will initiate an investigation. While LARUS is investigating the claim, LARUS, at its sole discretion and without any legal obligation to do so, may temporarily remove the challenged material from LARUS, notify the posting party it will lock down the posting party's domain name(s), redirect the posting party's DNS, forward the Complaining Party’s written notification to the posting party,and/or if it is solely stored on a LARUS server, temporarily remove or deny access to the challenged material.