Partnership with Asterisk Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan

2021-05-27 10:15:34

LARUS Limited announces partnership with Asterisk Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan

May 26th, 2021- LARUS Limited has entered into a strategic partnership with Asterisk Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan combining LARUS's industry leading IP Address services with Asterisk's professional IT solutions to extend LARUS’s Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) solutions and services.

As the pandemic wears on and majority have started to practice working from home, this has triggered an insatiable thirst for internet bandwidth and hence tremendous need for new IPv4 addresses and solutions. This partnership will leverage the 20 years of extensive experience of Asterisk Solutions in IT solutions and LARUS’s vast IPv4 solutions to enable both parties to expand its businesses in IP market. As LARUS is the 1st company in the world who provides IPv4 Delegation Service, we believe this collaboration will enables Asterisk Solutions and its customers to utilize IPv4 Delegation Service of LARUS to enhance their services to superior level without spending exorbitant amount to purchase IPv4 addresses.

‘LARUS is hoping to provide all kinds of IP address-related services and act as a long-term IP address supply partner and infrastructure services to Asterisk Solution. This is a win-win situation for both parties. We can leverage our resources, strengths, and expertise to have a mutually beneficial partnership. Localization of IPv4 addresses ensures a stable connection, data and content delivery, network management and streamlining of network operation, and most importantly, lowers network support costs. said Paul Lam, Senior Director at LARUS.

“Ever expanding bandwidth requirements require provisioning of IP addresses. IPv4 has already been capped on 4.3 billion addresses and all the markets especially the emerging markets require additional addresses as IPv6 requires altogether change of infrastructure. We are pleased to announce our partnership with LARUS for the promotion and sales of their products. Asterisk Solutions has extensive experience in providing state of the art IT solutions in Pakistan and Middle East region and we believe that this partnership will not only provide the necessary conduit to funnel IPv4 addressed to developing markets where dynamic IP’s are assigned to large group of people thus affecting the performance of the bandwidth but will also help the corporate sector to expand their business operations with effective static IPv4’s”  Said Sarmad Alvi CEO Asterisk Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.



LARUS Limited is a one-of-a-kind IP address solutions company covering both the prospect of IPV4 leasing and its management services. LARUS is the first company to focus on IP leasing, with over thousands of solutions made, allowing businesses to expand their IPV4 needs efficiently. With over millions of IP addresses and vast industry experience, LARUS can meet any IP Addresses demand.

About Asterisk Solutions

Asterisk Solutions Pvt Ltd has been providing IT Solutions and Services in Pakistan and Middle East region for the last two decades, the solutions offered has a variety of range from Seismic Data interpretation solutions, telco solutions and state of the art software development for clients all over the world. Keeping in view Asterisk’s extensive outreach and state of the art solutions, we are pleased to form our first ever partnership with Asterisk Solutions for the promotion and sales of our products.

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