First Inter-RIR IPv4 Transfer from LACNIC to APNIC

2021-04-27 08:25:15

We are proud to announce LARUS has done the world’s first Inter-RIR transfer from LACNIC (Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry) to APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre). The Business Development Specialist – Jo Cheung and Sourcing Executive – Ian Lee from LARUS Limited have worked together to achieve this. The transfer process was completed on 13 of April 2021, a /18 IPv4 block from LACNIC was successfully transferred to APNIC. The transaction was done on, a prominent online platform in escrow services in the IPv4 transaction market. Inter-RIR transfers necessitate significantly more effort than regular transfers. Coordination between RIRs (in different time zones) is required to ensure compliance with all applicable policies in both regions, and updates to RIR registries must be synchronized to ensure proper registration. Therefore, transfers between RIRs will take longer to process than transfers within the same service region. However, the team of LARUS has showcased their professional and leveraged expertise within the transfer period to evaluate, process, and complete the entire transfer process.

The RIRs acknowledge that IPv4 scarcity was an impediment to growth across all industries, thus intra-regional transfers among their members were allowed over a decade ago to facilitate the sale of unused or idle resources to the one who needed them.  LARUS Limited has come out with a secure and simple process to allow for safe inter-regional transfers. LARUS has used this set of procedures to broker the world’s first inter-regional transfer from LACNIC to APNIC.

Inter-RIR transactions offer more options for both buyers and sellers in the IPv4 market which allows IPv4 to be occupied more efficiently. Thence, different RIR regions including APNIC, ARIN, RIPE NCC, and LACNIC have accepted Inter-RIR Transfer arrangement. As a discreet buyer or seller of IPv4, we believe you want transactions that are secure with guaranteed and professional IPv4 management platform will be your first choice when comes to IPv4 transaction. LARUS Limited is the first IPv4 address service platform in the world that brokered World’s first Inter-RIR Transfer from LACNIC to APNIC; at the same time also an expert in IPv4 solutions who registered as an authorised broker under different RIRs which including LACNIC, APNIC, ARIN and RIPE NCC. With years of experience in the IPv4 industry, LARUS will help you understand the benefits and simplified process of buying, leasing, selling of IPv4,  as well as evaluate the possibility of inter-RIR transfers.

How Inter-RIR Transfer bring the effect to IPv4 Market?

According to a study about IPv4 transfer, status of transferred address blocks seem to be utilized  after the transition, the usage of transferred blocks is higher after the transfer date, and a large percentage of the transferred space comes from legacy space, so IPv4 transfers serve their intended function of transferring IP blocks from those with excess to those in need.

Background of Inter-RIR Transfers in LACNIC

LACNIC officially announced the region allows Inter-RIR Transfers Policy on 20 June 2019. With this policy, IPv4 blocks are allowed to transfer outside the LACNIC region without the need for a merger or acquisition among the companies involved.  This implementation posed a significant technological challenge because it required the integration of approximately 11 different systems with multiple connections between the various Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). There are 3 types of transfer under this policy, which including Type (1) Transfer due to merger, acquisition or change of name; Type (2) Intra-RIR Transfer (within the region) and Type (3) Inter-RIR Transfer (outside the region).

For Type 1, these are situations in where one organization absorbs another, including the acquisition of assets and liabilities. They also cover situations where one organization merges with another or when an organization's legal name changes. For Type 2, intra-regional IPv4 block transfers within the LACNIC service region are permitted without the need for a merger or acquisition between the companies involved. For Type 3, both inbound or outbound inter-regional IPv4 transfers are allowed without the need for a merger or acquisition between the companies involved in the LACNIC Service region.

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