LARUS x AOTEC Webinar: IP Leasing Market

2021-04-26 05:10:17

AOTEC x LARUS webinar

We are delighted to announce that LARUS Limited had a successful webinar with the National Association of Telecommunications Operators and Internet Services (AOTEC) on April 15th. AOTEC is the only national association in Spain whose mission is to serve, stimulate, coordinate, and protect local telecommunications operators in Spain. AOTEC has over 20years of experience in the industry with more than 150 internet service and telecom companies affiliated to them. Mr. Jaume Cabecerans Lopera, Business Development Specialist of LARUS has represented LARUS to give a talk about the option of IPv4 Leasing and the current IPv4 market trend to the members.

The evolution of the internet posed an unprecedented threat that led to the rapid exhaustion of IPv4, IPv4 becomes an expensive and scarce resources now. Therefore, IPv4 leasing becomes a better option for corporations to capitalize massive investment over an asset that may not be pivotal to their business needs and demand.

“We are excited to have this webinar with AOTEC in Spain,” said Jaume, Business Development Specialist of LARUS. “It’s clear that small and medium sizes of telecom businesses in Spain are looking for affordable IPv4 solutions to expand their businesses. With the customizable IPv4 leasing option from LARUS, we’re putting the power to offer small and medium businesses a new IPv4 solution that can effectively maintain company cash flow and expand their business at the same time. LARUS Limited has proven that they have the best expertise in IPv4 market needs and can provide first-class, Spain-speaking sales support and customer success service”.

LARUS is a one-of-a-kind IP address solutions platform covering both the prospect of IPv4 leasing and its management services. LARUS is the first company to focus on IP leasing, with over thousands of solutions made, allowing businesses to expand their IPv4 needs efficiently. With over millions of IP addresses and vast industry experience, LARUS can meet any IP addresses demand. Kindly contact the business development team of LARUS to know more about IPv4 leasing option.

Background of AOTEC

AOTEC, also known as the National Association of Telecommunications Operators and Internet Services. AOTEC is a professional business organisation whose mission is to serve, stimulate, coordinate, and protect local telecommunications operators. AOTEC is the only national association in this field with more than 150 members in Spain.

The mission of AOTEC can be summarized into the following aspects:

  • Permanent dialogue with the central Government and the National Market and Competence Commission (CNMC), as well as other institutions.
  • Work to achieve that the local operator particularities were in accordance with laws, regulations and the rest of normative regulating the activity in this field.
  • Make improvement proposals in order to encourage the whole telecommunications Market.
  • Work to solve the lack of knowledge around the local operator image.
  • Offer technique, accounting and legal advice, we provide information on the sector trends.
  • Act as a valid interlocutor facing any network deployment.
  • Come to advantageous agreements with products and services suppliers to benefit the members.
  • The association is a forum of meeting and discussion about the telecommunications future in Spain.

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