IPv4 address has unlimited potential

2021-04-02 08:34:01

Please brainstorm with me. If you have an idle amount of funds, what will you invest in?

Option 1: Real estate. According to the data of the past 20 years, suppose you buy a real estate in New York City, and the most recent annual rate of return after renting out is about 2%. In New York, the annual growth of housing prices is about 6.5 percent. All of this is based on the premise that you buy in full without calculating the interest on the loan. Overall, the annual return on investment will be around 8%.

Option 2: If you choose to invest in funds or stocks, and under the assumption of ensuring certain profits. Based on the data of the past 20 years, it is calculated that the annual return of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index is 4.9%, while the 10-year US Treasury has an annual return of 2.1%.

The above two options look good. After all, it is a traditional investment and financial management model, but we ignore that if everything is to be returned to cash, we have to calculate the handling fee, management fee and personal income tax generated. The actual rate of return is not so impressive. Suppose you are given the third option, and provide net profit income every month, and the annual rate of return is about 13%, would you like to know? I believe everyone is familiar with IPv4 addresses, which are a limited network resource, and almost everyone is dealing with it every day. Precisely because of the limited number of IPv4 addresses, with the progress of digitalization and information age, people's demand for them is increasing. The global demand for IPv4 is increasing, so transaction prices and lease prices continue to rise. Now is the time to join. According to public data from the Internet in the figure below, the price of IPv4 has increased from the average price of USD 7 per address in August 2013 to USD 25 per address as of June 2020. The rate of increase has reached a staggering 375%, and the annual rate of increase has reached 50%.

IP price over variation over time and by deal times

Figure 1. The IPv4 address price trend from 8/2013 to 6/2020

In terms of demand, the global demand for IPv4 is only increasing, and more and more international companies use IPv4 as a strategic resource as a reserve. Among them, large-scale high-tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Oracle, etc. occupy the majority. It is conceivable that IPv4 will become an extremely rare resource in the future. The figure below shows the number of transactions transferred from IPv4 addresses from 2009 to 2019. It is not difficult to see that during this decade, the demand for IPv4 has steadily increased.

Number of IPs transferred each year

Figure 2. The IPv4 address price trend from 2009 to 2019

If there is a buying and selling market, there will be a leasing market. In recent years, many companies and enterprises providing IPv4 leasing services have emerged around the world. Most of them have a small number of addresses, generally around one /18-/17 address. In addition, the main business of these companies is other cloud services, such as servers, virtual machines, etc. Therefore, there are only a handful of companies in the industry with professional IPv4 leasing business and strict rules and regulations, such as LARUS Limited, which is a company focused on providing IPv4 related services, including IPv4 address leasing and IPv4 address trading. According to the average market price at the end of 2020, the lease price of a single IPv4 address is approximately US$2-6 a year. The rental price accounts for 10-20% of the transaction price. Taking into account the current market utilization rate, the current utilization rate of many world-renowned companies is as high as 60-80%. Therefore, the price of IPv4 is very stable.

IPv4 address is a safe and stable investment opportunity.

Any investment in the world has certain risks. Smart investors will choose investment projects with lower risks and higher rates of return. It just so happens that IPv4 addresses are such a golden opportunity. Speaking of its low risk, the reason why the IPv4 address is a reliable investment project is because its related broadcast information is publicly available on the Internet. Therefore, anyone can query the relevant address information anytime and anywhere. If anyone abuses these addresses, they will be discovered immediately. Regarding his high return, this has to be said about the IPv4 leasing market. As mentioned above, IPv4 leasing business is a new industry. Therefore, the non-replaced company's awareness of prevention in this regard is not perfect, and they do not know how to manage and deal with the problem of abuse.

The biggest security problem facing IPv4 is abuse. How to prevent and deal with abuse is the most difficult problem for IPv4 address owners. Because if the abuse is not dealt with in time, it is very likely that the addresses will be blacklisted, which will take a lot of time and energy to reactivate them. At the same time, they also face the danger of being permanently blacklisted.In this regard, LARUS Limited has its own unique method. Strict abuse of terms and penalties provides a large degree of deterrence to Internet fraudsters. Coupled with strict background review provisions, high-quality customers have been screened out before IPv4 addresses are assigned.

A new investment direction, an opportunity that smart investors will never miss.

Choosing a company with rich experience in managing IPv4 addresses is the key to investing in the IPv4 market. LARUS Limited is the first and only company in the world to provide IP management services. They have a wealth of management experience, and at the same time their company itself has a huge number of IP pools. For the protection of IPv4 addresses, they have the strictest management regulations in the world. There is also a professional anti-abuse monitoring team that monitors the use of these addresses 24 hours a day. The reputation accumulated in the Internet industry over the years has made world-renowned ISPs their partners. They are well-deserved pioneers in the IPv4 lease market. It is reported that they have completed financing and established the LARUS Foundation. The purpose of this foundation is to help more investors to join the IPv4 market. Let the majority of investors, in a carefree situation, can also obtain stable income.

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