Why Choose LARUS Limited Be Your Priority?

2021-03-09 05:32:00

Internet and other private networks use IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to communicate. Today’s internet is still mostly dominated by IPv4 address scheme. When talking about IPv4 addresses, terms like “run-out”, “exhaustion”, “depletion” or even “scarcity” are frequently used. Whatever word is used, they all point to the same thing – there is now a shortage of unused IPv4 addresses that is seriously affecting network operators worldwide. Many people in this field are aware of the circumstance nowadays. If you are not one of them, you should be.

Actually, the scarcity of IPv4 address space was forecasted few years back which can create a lot of problems for a network and a company that are looking to grow or add new users. However, LARUS has foreseen the situation and started establishing its own entrepreneur in July, 2016 – in the age of IP Exhaustion, managing millions of IPv4 addresses across different RIRs. Due to long-time experiences and in-depth knowledge in the IP market and RIR communities, we are proud to say that we are the IP Expert. We have been developing the mutually beneficial network across the field of telecommunication, Internet Service Provider, data center, web hosting, cloud service, etc globally. As our clients provide the services such as broadband, network, FTTH, server, co-location, hosting, cloud service etc, we have seen a large honored opportunity to cooperate with them.

LARUS has a professional team which provides our clients trustworthy IPv4 address solutions: “IP Leasing Service (lease) and Brokerage Service (buy).” For IP Leasing Service, if our clients do not wish to invest heavily to buy IP addresses, we provide the easiest way for them to find and lease the addresses for desire service period. This scheme offers a flexible and stable way that will perfectly match our customers’ business model; For Brokerage Service, LARUS is a registered broker of NCC, APNIC, ARIN and LACNIC (4 out of 5 main RIRs in the world). Our team is well-experienced and professional. Due to fast growth in business and IT needs, we provide our clients the easiest way to find and get the IP addresses they request.

As the whole world is going into IPv4 Exhaustion Era, you definitely need LARUS to help you either support your business operation or increase the scope of business. We are now one of the biggest IP address platforms in the world, dedicated to providing customers with a full range of IP address solutions. One of our central concepts is to ensure the whole process including transactions follow the safe and predictable path which is handled by our multilingual team. Our team is well-trained to stand in clients’ positions to negotiate, assisting them to seek the best method that matches their business model to obtain IPv4 addresses.

Our solutions are unique in the market. “We are much more than an IP broker.” We provide the most flexible, predictable, and sustainable IPv4 solutions for address

planning compared to the long process of finding and buying addresses with uncertain results on the market. LARUS IS YOUR PRIORITY!

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