What is a Dedicated IP Address

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A computer needs an IP address to connect over the Internet or to communicate with other computers. Most home networks and small offices use dynamic IP addresses: those that change whenever a computer or router is powered off and back on.

A dedicated IP address is the opposite. Also called a static IP address, it is allocated to one computer or network so that no one else can use it. Let's look into what a dedicated IP address is in different contexts.

Dedicated IP Addresses in the Context of Emails

A dedicated IP is a useful feature provided by email services. It allows you to send all your emails using one specific IP address, ensuring that no one else is sending emails from the same address. This has several positive effects, including improving the reputation of your emails, increasing email open rates, and boosting conversion rates.

Usually, dedicated IPs are offered by mailing list services for an additional fee, or they may be activated for free at higher service tiers.

Dedicated IP Addresses in the context of VPNs

If you've explored VPN services, you've likely encountered terms like static IPs, dynamic IPs, shared IPs, and dedicated IPs. In this article, we'll clarify the differences between these types of VPN IP addresses and when to use them.

VPNs allow users to hide their real IP address and replace it with one from the VPN. This is achieved by connecting to a remote VPN server through VPN software. When the connection is established, your IP appears to be the VPN's, not your own.

When you connect to a VPN server, it's essential to understand the four key types of IP addresses that VPN providers use, as they impact your privacy. Let's delve into what sets them apart:

A Static VPN address remains constant. This is valuable when you need to consistently appear as if you're logging in from the same IP. For instance, online poker players may require a static IP when participating in geo-restricted tournaments via a VPN. If they are discovered breaking the rules, they risk having their winnings confiscated. To avoid this, they use the same static VPN IP to stay under the radar.

Dedicated IP Addresses in the Context of Web Hosting

A dedicated IP address is a unique internet address assigned exclusively to a single hosting account. It provides several benefits, including:

Accessing your account via FTP even when your domain name is inaccessible during domain propagation. Ensuring faster website response during high traffic periods. Viewing your Shared Hosting website using its IP address.

You can purchase a dedicated IP for your Shared Hosting account at any time, and Web Hosting Plus accounts already include one. A dedicated IP is used for various reasons, such as using a private SSL certificate, accessing your site via FTP by IP address, avoiding IP blacklisting, and improving site performance during high traffic.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated IP Address

Reduced downtime

With a static IP, you eliminate the risk of downtime when your IP address changes, which can disrupt your online activities.

Private SSL Certificate

Secure e-commerce websites require SSL certificates. Some web hosts offer shared SSL certificates, but others may require a static IP for secure e-commerce transactions.

Anonymous FTP

To enable Anonymous FTP, often used for file sharing, a static IP may be necessary for proper functionality. Access During Domain Name Changes**A dedicated IP lets you access your website by FTP or a web browser even when your domain name is undergoing changes.

Remote Access

A static IP allows you to access your PC from anywhere in the world, which is useful for remote work and managing your computer.

Running an FTP Server

If you wish to set up an FTP server for efficient data transfer, a static IP is essential. This can be used for sharing files or enhancing your organization's workflow.

How to Get a Dedicated IP Address

There are different ways to get an IP address depending on your specific context. If you have a subscription to a web or email hosting service, like GoDaddy or Shopify, you can contact them directly to get a dedicated IP address.

Keep in mind that an dedicated IP address is almost always a separate service from your normal subscription. Be prepared to shell out a few extra dollars each month.

If you are a business owner or network administrator looking to expand your network capabilities, you can request directly from your Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

Please note that IP address requests to RIR are subject to evaluation. You may or may not get the IP addresses that you need.

Alternatively, you can obtain an IP address from a trusted IPv4 broker. A broker can give you options to rent or purchase, depending on what your needs are and how long you will need those IP addresses for.

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