Comparing Selling vs. Leasing IPv4 Addresses

Larus Team 2023-03-09 08:38:58 IPv4

Businesses that are looking to increase their internet presence and expand their reach, they may want to consider purchasing or leasing an IPv4 address. An IPv4 address is a unique identifier given to any device that connects to the internet. This address helps ensure that data can be sent and received reliably, as well as making sure each device is securely connected. But should you sell or lease your IPv4 address? Let’s dive in and compare the two options.

Selling an IPv4 Address

When it comes to selling an IPv4 address, it’s important to consider its value. Many companies will purchase IP addresses from organizations who already have them, so it can be beneficial for a business to sell their own IP addresses if they are no longer using them. However, this is not always easy; the process of selling an IP address can be quite complex and requires both parties to fully understand the process of transferring ownership of the IP address. Additionally, when selling an IP address there is no guarantee how much money you will make; pricing depends on market trends and the demand for a specific type of IP address at any given time.

Leasing an IPv4 Address

Leasing an IPv4 address is a great way to make money without a big time commitment or risk. Depending on your particular situation, leasing may offer many advantages that make it a better choice than selling. For example, leasing will provide a steady stream of income over time compared to the one-time lump sum of a sale. Additionally, when you lease your address space it allows its use over a longer period of time and therefore has the potential of generating even more recurring revenue down the line. 


For many individuals and businesses considering monetizing their IP space, there are good reasons to consider either leasing or selling - whatever method works best for their particular needs and goals. Of course, every situation is different; before deciding whether you should lease or sell your own IP space it’s important to weigh all your options carefully so that you can make the best decision possible for your particular needs!

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