The Purchase vs. Lease Dilemma of IPv4 Address

Larus Team 2023-01-12 08:23:17 IPv4

If you are the owner of an entity needing IPv4 addresses, you may frequently have had to choose between two options. The first is whether you ought to enter the market and buy the IPv4 addresses outright from a current address holder or whether you should undertake IPv4 lease to utilize these addresses for a set amount of time. The dilemma of whether to buy or lease an IPv4 address can be difficult to address. 

First, the market will add a rising scarcity premium to the cost of the items being traded. This will happen if you, as a buyer, think that the circumstances that caused the creation of a market will persist, and the items being traded are in limited supply while demand is rising. This scarcity premium placed on the item determines how supply and demand are balanced. 

Over time, the cost of purchasing goods that are short in supply tends to increase. You will experience an increase in the worth of the goods you own as a buyer of these goods. A lessee, on the other hand, won't get this benefit.

Leasing the item also makes sense if any buyer thinks that the market will only last a limited time and that the demand for it will quickly decline. This can be done if the lessee is not left with a worthless asset in the event of a market crash.

Experts usually mention a rising cost for IPv4 as the reason behind the slow adoption of IPv6. But there are alternative potential replacements that have been employed as well. The most notable is NATs (Network Address Translators). NATs can significantly improve the address utilization capability of IPv4 addresses, even though they do not completely alleviate the demanded strain for IPv4 addresses. NATs enable several customers to utilize the same address consecutively. The potential for multiplexing increases with the increasing number of customers who share the same pool of NAT addresses.

In place of IPv6, IPv4 with NATs produces a result in terms of total capacity while avoiding the costs of network and device upgrades to dual-stack. The prediction of how long the IPv4 address market will last successfully depends on the amount of time that IPv6 will take to be deployed to be economically viable as an IPv6-only solution. When this happens, the pressure on all servers and networks to allow access to services through IPv4 drops, signaling a market tipping point.

Early investors of IPv6-only can sell off all of their leftover IPv4 resources to the market since they no longer require them, which is likely to cause some level of market turmoil. Existing holders will be considering to sell their IPv4 holdings while there are still buyers available on the market because they are not ready to shift to IPv6.

In conclusion, it is important to understand the difference between buying and leasing IPv4 address before you make any decision as it may impact how you can use the IPv4 address in the future.

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