IPv4 lease price 2023

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The price of a /16 block, which contains 65,536 IP addresses, averages around $330,000. But that also varies with many factors, including location and timing. Typically, prices in North America are much higher. Moreover, prices of IPv4s go up and down like other things being traded.

In 2022, the average price for one IPv4 address goes anywhere from $45 to $60. That does not factor in the transfer fees. There are also added intangible costs like time to process requests and the complexities you need to deal with.

In response to the growing scarcity of available IPv4 addresses in 2023, the option of leasing has become a practical alternative to outright purchase. This approach not only offers a cost-effective solution. It also provides companies with the advantage to manage their cash flow more efficiently. However, it's important to recognize that IPv4 lease prices vary across the market. Here, we delve deeper into the details.


IPv4 Lease Rates in 2023

The cost of purchasing a single IPv4 address is approximately USD 50. While that may not seem much, most businesses that need these resources need them in bulk. $50 can easily turn into thousands of dollars -- a huge overhead that not many businesses are willing to take on.

Leasing is often a more financially viable choice. A single IP address in 2023 costs  around USD 0.49. It's almost 98% cheaper compared to an outright purchase.


Two Key Factors Influencing IPv4 Lease Pricing

1. Quantity of Leased IPv4 Addresses:

If you are leasing a large amount of IPv4 addresses, you will have the chance to negotiate with the seller or broker. From the point of business, usually, the company will offer customers a chance to “buy more to save more”. Hence, if you are aiming to buy a large quantity of IP addresses, you can use that quantity as a leverage to negotiate for a lower price.

2. Duration of IPv4 Lease:

In the same vein as "buy more to save more," extending the duration of an IPv4 lease often results in a more favorable pricing structure. By working a long-term commitment to the lease provider, you can negotiate a more attractive pricing package.


Strategizing IPv4 Lease Costs in 2023

Determining the best price for an IPv4 lease is a nuanced process. It hinges on the two factors above: the quantity of leased addresses and the duration of the lease. Yet, it's important to avoid fixating on pricing.

There are other considerations, such as the:

- How soon an IP block can be ready for use;

- The background of the lease provider; and

- The level of support they offer.


Closing Thoughts

Leasing an IPv4 block demands a proactive and prepared approach. This involves researching on potential lease providers, comparing pricing models, and evaluating the quality of added services.

If you are unsure of how to move forward, our representatives at Larus are happy to give you expert advice on IPv4 leasing. We'll offer advice based on your business needs and projected budget, while matching the best IPv4 packages. 

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