IPv4 Investment - The New Investment Opportunity

Larus Team 2021-11-01 08:07:20 ipv4

As we know, IP addresses in the world are dwindling by the day. If you own IP addresses that you are not using, you can easily use them to turn a profit by using IP management Services.

Current Situation of IPv4

The total number of IPv4 address in the world is around 4.3 billion and one IP address is only for one device. A couple of years ago, the last unused IP addresses as publicly known, the final /8, were allocated to APNIC, RIPE, and AFRINIC by RIR. Therefore, the supply of IPv4 addresses is limited, and the demand increases.

Because the adoption of IPv6 is still very low, those factors caused IPv4’s price to go up every year. Based on the research, the price double from 10 to more than 20 USD since 2014, and the price keeps rising. As we know, there are around 49 class b are unadvertised, they are available in the market. It reveals idle IP addresses are limited, companies like internet services companies, technology companies, and data centers are vying with one another for those addresses.

Investment in IPv4

Since the IPv4 market is supply-insufficient, it postures a real challenge for businesses looking to manage their operations, especially for global markets. The available resources are quickly reducing. If the trend continues, over the next five years we could see a drastic increase in IPv4 pricing, perhaps even doubling its current market value. The lack of IPv4s and constantly growing prices has supported the public’s demand for IP leasing services. As acquiring the necessary IP addresses can be an expensive effort, leasing IP address can provide a cost-efficient and appropriate solution for businesses seeking to inflate their services into different markets.

How to Invest in IPv4?

IPv4 will become unrelated in the next decade or so, as the market moves to IoT and IPv6 integration, so there’s a limited space to monetize owned resources. By leasing IP addresses for as little as $2,5 to $6 per year, companies could receive up to more than 10 percent return on investment. One of the ways the companies could influence their assets is through IP brokers, but their expertise is only in the buy-or-sell area, hence they lack the technical knowledge behind leasing IPv4s. However, IP brokers can use the IP address marketplace to simplify the monetization and alleviate risks of the organized assets, permitting them to take advantage of the short-term market and turn unused IP assets into an additional stream of revenue.


The IPv4 resources are limited and the historical data show that its price increasing non-stop from time to time. Hence, it will be a good investment that brings you a good return in the future. If you are interested to invest in IPv4, LARUS is providing IP management service, kindly leave your contact below or live chat with our specialists at the right bottom.

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