IPv4 Exhaustion

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With the passage of time, the Internet has grown linearly rather than astronomically through the different performance of technologies such as IoT devices, wearable devices, mobile devices, and smartphones. The Internet has turned out to be a new home for billions of people across borders, creeds, races, and academic backgrounds. As network operators strive to adapt and fully integrate IPv6, these ever-expanding Internet users and their demand for uninterrupted network connections continue to increase, which continues to put pressure on IPv4 worldwide. The rapid development of the Internet industry has led to a higher increase in the demand for IP addresses than originally expected, which has led to faster-than-expected consumption of address tables.

Solutions for IPv4 Exhaustion

1. Implement IPv6

Decades ago, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) predicted the possibility of IPv4 exhaustion and start finding new solutions to sustain the network. In the end, the invented IPv6 address and the address space of IPV6 are large enough to solve IP exhaustion. IPv6 will be the key to solving the network address problem forever. However, the transition to IPv6 has not received any warm response, even from the developer giants. The initial cause of this situation is due to the organization’s inability to spend a lot of money on backward-compatible technologies, and the inherent inertia of network operators and suppliers to adapt to more complex technologies, supporting all protocols and explosion-proof requirements. Besides, some organization is confident in the restoration of IPv4's lifespan and is skeptical of the obvious advantages resulting from early investment in new technology adaptations.

2. Buy IP Address

Although IPv4 demand in the market is still great, there is already a shortage situation. The scarcity of IPv4 addresses is based on the cumbersome and lengthy application process required by RIR to establish your requirements for dedicated IP addresses and their allocation, which usually results in positions on the waiting list that can last for several years. Therefore, IPv4 leasing will become a solution in the market, to promptly solve the shortage of IPv4. LARUS as the leading IP solutions company in the market, we have a strong network with well-known organization and trusted IPv4 sellers, you can enroll our IP brokerage service to buy IPv4 address.

3. Lease IP Address

IP leasing service is introduced to serve the company having a tight budget, need for short term use, and in an urgent need. If the meet any one of the conditions mentioned above,  you may consider lease IPv4 address. Lease IPv4 address allows you to use the IP address as your own for the period you have agreed with the owner. Leasing IP addresses has been a new trend since IPv4 exhaustion because of the complexity use of IPv6 and budget limitation on buying IP address. If you need on-demand IP address, LARUS is providing it and help you to get the IPv4 address within 48 hours.


IPv4 exhaustion is common nowadays, most of the company is still working hard to obtain IPv4 rather than using IPv6. If you are looking solution to solve IPv4 exhaustion, you can read the article here.

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