How To Purchase IPV4 Address Safely Online

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Buying IP addresses can be a time-consuming task. This post provides guidelines so you can save time and purchase IPv4 addresses online safely.

How Do You Purchase an IP Address?

Through an Internet Registry  

There are five regional Internet registries (RIRs) worldwide. Each with their designated areas. Generally, these are the steps for getting an IP address with an RIR

  1. Create an online account with your regional internet registry.

  1. Get pre-approval if required.

  1. Review an IP address block.

  1. Sign an IPv4 purchase agreement.

  1. Make payment.

  1. Submit a transfer ticket.

  1. Wait for RIR approval.

Through an IP broker  

An IP broker is an excellent choice if you need more flexible ways of purchasing IPv4s securely.

  1. Find a reliable broker.

  1. Fill out a form and indicate your requirements like block size. Usually, such forms look like this .

  1. A representative will typically contact you to walk you through the rest of the process.

How to Buy and Sell IPv4 Addresses Securely  

Typically, you can acquire larger blocks of IPv4 addresses through a trade or transfer process. Some Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) still allocate smaller blocks for a certain fee.

Choose a broker with an Established History

Without a trading history, both the buyer and seller are exposed to fraud.

Securely trade and transfer IPv4 blocks with Larus

Whether you're a buyer or seller, using a trusted service like Larus can eliminate the risks in your transaction. Larus offers an easy-to-use platform with complete visibility throughout the sales process.

Verify legitimacy

Once an IPv4 block is transferred, it cannot be transferred again for an average of two years (depending on your RIR). Sellers need to ensure they receive payment once the addresses are transferred, verify the buyer's legitimacy, and secure payment before making the transfer. Larus provides tailored facilities for managing successful IPv4 sales. We ensure a secure transaction for both parties involved.

Review your purchase agreement and blacklist Report

Once you request an IPv4 block, you will receive an email containing IPv4 address block information, a detailed blacklist report, and a purchase agreement. You'll have 5 days to review and sign the agreement, providing the required information, including legal entity name, ARIN/APNIC/RIPE Organization ID, pre-approval ticket (ARIN & APNIC only), and contact details for the authorized signer.

IPv4 FAQs: Info You Need to Know to Buy Securely  

Is It Legal to Sell IP Addresses?

Technically, it is not the IP address you are selling but the rights to its registry. "Selling" IP addresses is essentially a transfer of ownership. Each regional internet registry has its own policies allowing IP block owners to transfer their rights to other organizations.

How Do You Request IPv4?  

There are two main ways to get an IP address block. You may go by signing up with your regional internet registry (RIR) and going over their processes for IP address requests. Each one has its own set of requirements and reasons for IPv4 requests.

A more time-savvy way of getting an IPv4 is by going to an IP address broker.

Can You Sell IPv4?  

If you own an IP address block and no longer need it, you can sell the ownership rights to it. Many organizations use partners or online marketplaces for this purpose.

Where Can You Buy IPv4 Addresses?  

You can find IPv4 addresses from organizations that no longer need them. Often, these organizations work with partners or list their addresses on IPv4 marketplaces, like Larus.

What's the Price of an IPv4 Address?  

The value of IPv4 addresses has shot up since the world started to run out in 2015. In 2022, an IP address costs anywhere from $45 to $55, depending on the block size. The location of the IP address also affects pricing. Addresses in Japan or the United States may cost more than the ones registered in the African continent.

Moreover, "cleanliness" affects pricing. IP addresses that have been used for spamming are likely to be blacklisted even if you have nothing to do with such actions. Hence, they might be sold at a lower price.

On the other hand, IP addresses that have a good history sell high on the market.

How Much for a /24 IP Block?  

A /24 IP block costs around $10,000 to $12,000 USD in 2022. The actual price depends on the region and the block's condition. A /24 block can have 256 IP addresses, an excellent choice for smaller businesses and schools.

How Many IPs Are in a /16 Block?  

A /16 IP block, also known as a Class B network, contains 65,536 IPv4 addresses. Medium and large network organizations often use /16 IP block.

What's an IPv4 Broker?  

An IPv4 broker negotiates the purchasing and transferring IPv4 address blocks. Not all brokers offer the same quality of service. Look for brokers with references, blacklist reports, agreements, and IPv4 transfer support.

What's an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) Object?  

An IRR object is a tool used by internet service providers and network carriers to validate routes. You can think of it as a traffic officer that tells where information should go. This ensures that IP addresses and ASNs are used by their rightful owners.

Is It Possible to Remove Blacklisted IPv4 Address Blocks?  

Cleaning blacklisted IPv4 addresses can be a bit of a hassle. There are over 100 organizations that manage IPv4 blacklists, each with its own delisting process. If you are in need of clean IPv4 addresses, get in touch with us for assistance.

What are some requirements that I need to meet when requesting from an RIR?  

ARIN and APNIC require a company to provide a business use case to receive IPv4 address space. RIPE does not have pre-approval requirements. These are examples of RIR requirements:

- Demonstrate usage of 50% of the requested IPv4 over 2 years.

- Alternatively, demonstrate 80% usage of current IPv4 with service details.

Why Choose LARUS for Your IP Address Needs?  

Getting your hands on IPv4 addresses might sound complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Our experienced team can simplify the whole process for you.

We'll handle all the technicalities, from negotiating with sellers to dealing with registries. Just discuss your needs with us and we'll guide you through the transaction.


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