How to Purchase a Dedicated IP Address

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The process of getting a dedicated IP address is straightforward: find a reliable broker and complete the necessary forms and payment.

But before you start buying a dedicated IP address, let's first look into what it is and the advantages it offers. This will help you decide if it is what you really need.

A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) is a uniquely assigned address that is exclusively yours. Whenever you connect to your designated server (which your ISP provides), you consistently obtain the same IP address. This not only grants you the security benefits of a secure connection but also provides you with a fixed and unchanging IP identity.

A dedicated IP isn't just confined to hosting. It can enhance your VPN experience, encrypting your connection, assigning a unique IP, and routing it through a remote server.

Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP

The primary distinction between dedicated and shared IPs lies in their user base. A dedicated IP remains allocated to a single user, while a shared IP can be used by multiple individuals at the same time.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address

With a shared IP address, your connection receives a randomised IP every time you log in. On the other hand, a dedicated IP remains the same. Both types offer equal security measures, yet a dedicated IP offers some advantages.

Ideal for work setup that uses VPN access

A dedicated IP might be beneficial if your company has remote workers that use a VPN. It allows employees to frequently access remote resources without dealing with persistent CAPTCHA prompts. It is ideal if you require both private IP and VPN protection concurrently.

Reduced chance of being wrongly blacklisted

When using a shared IP, your online activities mingle with those of other users sharing the same IP. This puts you at risk of being blacklisted even if you've only used your computer for legitimate purposes.

Being blacklisted is not the end of the world: you can still file for contention to get your network unblocked. But it is a hassle that you can avoid if you have a dedicated IP address.

Smooth Online Transactions

Using a shared IP address during online transactions can trigger interruptions. For example, you'll often be required to fill out CAPTCHAs or banks might treat the shared connection as suspicious. A dedicated IP streamlines verification without compromising security.

Eradicate CAPTCHAs

Shared IP addresses often prompt CAPTCHA authentication, disrupting browsing. A dedicated IP allows hassle-free access to email and online accounts.

Freedom of Use

Adding a dedicated IP to your network grants flexibility, toggling between shared and dedicated IPs based on your online activities.

Secure Remote Work

Dedicated IPs aid remote workers in connecting to company networks securely, safeguarding both personnel and vital business data.

Whitelist Access

A dedicated IP address is handy if you have a server that you only want certain IP addresses to access. For example, your website has a staging site that you only want to be accessed from the static IP address of your office.

Is a Dedicated IP Necessary?

This decision hinges on your VPN activities. If you don't mind CAPTCHAs, you avoid using a VPN for online banking, and remote access isn't your requirement, a dedicated IP might not be essential—regular VPN servers should suffice.

However, if you engage in those activities or face issues due to shared IP blacklisting, a dedicated IP might be a wiser choice.

If you're launching a new website (particularly on a smaller scale), a dedicated IP might not be necessary. Consider it if you're looking for substantial site enhancements or upgrading to dedicated hosting.

How to Get a Dedicated IP Address

1. Sign up with a reputable IP address broker.

A broker can connect you with people on the market who are looking to sell their dedicated IP addresses. A broker may also have available IP assets that they can immediately transfer to you.

2. Complete the paperwork and online payment.

Once you have completed those steps, a reputable broker will assign you a dedicated IP address with a clean history. They will also help with technical issues that you might encounter.

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