How to buy IPv4 Address

Larus Team 2021-11-22 08:12:20 ipv4

When IPv4 addresses are introduced, it is being distributed freely to the qualified organization. Starting from 2016, IPv4 exhaustion happens and the only 1 way to own IPv4 addresses is to buy them. Buy IPv4 address is risky if you have zero experience because the process is complicated and involved many different parties. Read below for guidance on buying your first IPv4 addresses.

  1. Get RIR approval, if needed
    Understand the requirement of buying IPv4 addresses and get ready with the documentation. Submit your document and get RIR approval if needed   For example, ARIN and APNIC require pre-approval.

  2. Sourcing for seller
    Find and compare prices from different sellers. If you have zero connection in this, IP broker can assist you because they are experienced and know where to find the best prices that meets your requirements.

  3. Transfer funds to escrow account for payment
    Once the contract is confirmed with the seller, transfer funds to the escrow account for payment. This process is a must to secure the benefits of both parties.

  4. Receive IPv4 addresses from the seller
    The next step is receiving IPv4 addresses from the seller. You and the IP broker need to make sure non of the IPv4 addresses is being missed out on during the transformation.

  5. Release funds to the seller via escrow account release process
    In the last steps after the IPv4 addresses are transferred successfully, you release funds to the seller via the escrow account release process.

The process of buying IPv4 address is simple if you choose the right sellers and IP brokers. If you are interested to learn more about buy IPv4 address, you can read the advantage and disadvantages of buying IPv4 address here.

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