A Guide to Buy IPv4 Subnets Safely

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Scenario: You are a datacenter company that needs to expand your dedicated servers. However, you do not have the resources that can meet your required IP rangers.

What do you do?

Usually, there are two options:

  1. Contact your RIR to request for the IP subnets that you need. You are likely to be put on a waiting list because you're probably not the only one who needs additional subnets.

  2. Work with an IP broker to get the subnets that you need.

Some organizations are lucky enough to get their required IP address blocks straight from an RIR. However, such requests rarely come with a guarantee.

You could get your needed assets right away or be on the waiting list for a long time.

How to Buy IPv4 Subnets Safely with an IP Address Broker

Many businesses, particularly ISPs and datacenters, opt to work with IP address brokers.

  1. Sign up for an account with your Regional Internet Registry (RIR)

  2. Create an organization within your RIR account.

  3. Request an Autonomous System Number (ASN) from your RIR.

  4. Search for an available /24 IP address block within your RIR's pool (avoiding inter-RIR transfers).

  5. Verify the cleanliness of the selected /24 block (no blacklistings in spamhaus, good reputation in Talos, etc.).6

  6. Decide whether to purchase the IP block directly or participate in an auction.

  7. Secure the necessary funds and place them in escrow with your chosen IPv4 broker. Note the tight deadline (usually around 5 business days).

  8. Provide your Organization ID to the IPv4 broker.

  9. The seller initiates a transfer request with your RIR.

  10. Start the transfer request with your RIR, referencing the seller's request.

  11. Pay the required transfer fees to your RIR.

  12. Wait for approval from your RIR for the transfer.

  13. Once approved, the broker releases the funds from escrow.

Please note that escrows are needed as holding funds. This amount helps ensure that both the broker and the buyer are secure during the transaction process.

If you are not sure which RIR you should contact, please see the information below.

Your Regional Internet Registry

You need to get in touch with your RIR in order to process your IPv4 block request. These are the RIRs and their corresponding regions:

Asia-Pacific Network Coordination Centre (APNIC) oversees the allocation for the Asia-Pacific region. They are currently located in Australia.

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) oversees the allocation for the United States, Canada, and Antartica. They also serve parts of the Caribbean.

Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) oversees the allocation for Europe, Central Asia, West Asia, and Russia.

Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) oversees the allocation for all of Latin America and parts of the Caribbean.

Closing Thoughts

When IPv4 addresses were initially introduced, they were distributed freely to qualified organizations. However, since 2016, IPv4 exhaustion has become a reality, and the only way to obtain IPv4 addresses is by purchasing them. Buying IPv4 addresses can be a complex and risky process, especially for those with no prior experience.

The steps outlined above can help you buy IPv4 subnets safely. For an added layer of security, get in touch with a reliable IPv4 subnet broker like LARUS.

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