All You Need To Know About IPv4 Price

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For those who are unfamiliar, an Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address is a numerical label that is assigned to each device connected to the internet. It allows for communication between two devices, as well as for different computer networks to communicate. If you are looking to buy IPv4 addresses, here is everything you need to know.


Why buy IPv4 addresses?   

More control over your network. When you own the access rights to an IP address block, you get control over how to use it. You can choose which devices can you the address and update the configuration whenever you need to.


This is particularly helpful if you need to create smaller networks (called subnets) and if you need to change the configuration of addresses.


Improved security. You get complete control over the security measures that you want to put in place, including: firewalls and intrusion detection systems. This level of control will help protect your network from cyberattacks and unauthorized access.


Opportunity to scale. As your business expands, you might be pressed to get more IP addresses. Having the foresight to acquire IP addresses as your business achieves a positive trajectory will save you headaches down the line.


What about IPv4 shortage? While it's true that IPv4 is technically exhausted, there are still addresses that are not in use or are traded between businesses. The trick is to find a good broker that can set you up with an excellent deal.


Apart from these reasons, there are other incentives to owning an IP address block.For example, some government regulations may require your business exclusive ownership rights to your IP address.


You can also think of IPv4s as reusable assets. When you transition to IPv6, you can sell those addresses that you will no longer need. The demand for IPv4 addresses is likely to grow but its supply will remain the same. You can potentially resell those IPv4s for more than you bought them.


Process of buying IPv4 address  

Before pulling out your credit card, consider these factors below.


The size of the block: How many IP addresses do you need? For example, you will need a block /26 if you are looking to support 62 addresses. A block 16 supports more than 65,000.


The location of the block: Where do you want the block to be located? IP addresses are registered in different regions. Their location may affect pricing and performance.


The price: How much are you willing to pay? Consider setting a hard limit to keep your costs manageable.


The terms of the sale: What are the payment terms and the warranty?


Buying an IPv4 address is a relatively straightforward process. Here's a quick breakdown:


1. Assess your requirements. What block size do you need? How many IP addresses are you likely to use?


2. Find a reputable IPv4 broker that can arrange your purchase. A broker may have a set of blocks that are readily available. If not, they can connect you with others who are looking to sell.


Be aware that some brokers may sell IP addresses with bad history. This can be damaging to your business since you can potentially be blacklisted. Please do a background research on a seller or broker before you go through with a purchase.


3. Complete your transaction. The hard work is done: after all that research, the process of buying is quite simple. You just need to complete a few forms and settle your payments.


Alternatively, a representative from your broken will contact you to help through the process.


4. Configure your network. Once an IPv4 address has been transferred to your organization, you will need to configure devices within your network.


Benefits of buying IPv4 Address  

IPv4 is widely adopted and supported. Most devices still use it to transfer data.


IPv4 is compatible with security features. You can set up your network to improve its encryption and authentication.


You can set up IPv4 with different routing protocols. This offers flexibility when it comes to data transfer across networks and over the Internet.


Buying IPv4 Addresses can benefit your business 

IPv4 is an excellent idea for your business, even in 2023. Most devices are still not compatible with IPv6. You can benefit from the most widely used IP version, version four.


Moreover, IPv4 still comes with benefits that are comparable to IPv6. When your network transitions to IPv6, you can re-sell your existing IPv4s to turn a profit on your initial investment.




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