Advantages of Having a Static IP Address for Your Business

Larus Team 2023-08-17 04:42:55 Static IP Address

An IP address, short for Internet Protocol address, is a unique set of numbers given by your Internet service provider (ISP) to devices directly connected to the Internet. IP addresses allow devices to exchange data.

What is a Dynamic IP Address?

A dynamic IP is a temporary address assigned by your ISP to a computer. A domain host configuration protocol (DHCP) is a server that handles this task. It assigns IP addresses to new devices on a network. Dynamic IPs can change and shift between different network nodes over time.

What is a Static IP Address?

A static IP, on the other hand, is a fixed, unchanging address.

Picture a static IP like an online location tag for your business or residence. Similar to a physical street address, a static IP accurately guides other computers and servers on the Internet to your specific computer's location or connection.

The main difference between a static and dynamic IP lies in stability. A static IP remains constant and unvarying, offering several benefits for your business in terms of available services.

Public Static IP vs. Private Static IP

Public static IP addresses (external IPs) are stable addresses provided by your Internet service provider or directly by a Regional Internet Registry (RIR). Private static IPs (internal IPs), on the other hand, are fixed addresses that you can set up for devices within your local network.

Services and Equipment That Need a Static IP

FTP Servers

Static IPs are handy for file transfers among employees connected to a local network via FTP servers.

Web Servers

Running your business website on your own server requires a static IP. This gives you control over server configuration and can even save costs by hosting your site.

Email Servers

For businesses managing their own email servers, a static IP is necessary. A manually set up email server provides more control over spam filters, email origins, and hosting in-house can be more private and secure.

Database Servers

Businesses often rely on database servers to store critical information. These servers require a static IP to ensure the requesting node or computer knows exactly where to locate the data.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services

VPNs help ensure that your remote network access is secure. A static IP is often essential for setting up a VPN connection.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Businesses that extensively rely on calls often use VOIP systems because they are cost-efficient and flexible. While not all require static IPs, a static IP makes VOIP systems more stable and reliable.

Benefits of Using Static IP Addresses

More Stable Connection

Compared to dynamic IPs, where addresses can change, a fixed IP allows for a more dependable connection.

Simplified Geolocation

If your services rely on physical location, other devices over the Internet will find it easier to geolocate a static IP. An example of this is maritime telemetry, where a static IP is used to remotely access and track on-board systems.

Allows IP-based Authentication

Specific services or applications may use IP addresses for authentication. A static IP guarantees your IP remains consistent, preventing lockouts that may happen if your IP address changes.

Easier access to IoT Devices

For better visibility and control, IoT devices and other remotely accessible devices use static IP addresses. These devices include printers, routers, FTP servers, DHCP servers, and CCTV cameras.

More reliable website hosting

You don't need a static IP address to host your website. But a static IP address is necessary for some network configurations and some SSL certifications.

Closing Thoughts

A private static IP address is one that you can configure yourself or with the help of your IT team. On the other hand, a public static IP address is something that you get from your ISP, hosting provider, or Regional Internet Registry.

A static IP address offers benefits such as better reliability and security. But it comes with added costs. The decision to choose a static IP address depends on many factors.

If you're not sure whether a static IP address is what you need, you may reach out to Larus for expert advice.

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