The Advantages of a Dedicated IP Address

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There's a good chance that you are using a shared IP address. While a shared IP address might be fine for homes or small offices, a dedicated IP address offers unique advantages to businesses who want to enhance their online presence.

That's why many businesses choose to buy a dedicated IP.

First, let's look into the difference between a shared and a dedicated IP address.

A shared IP address is typically what you get when you sign up for a service with an Internet service provider (ISP). You also get a shared IP address when you pay for a hosting service for your website.

Meanwhile, a dedicated IP address is something that you have to request from your hosting provider, Regional Internet Registry (RIR), IP address broker, or ISP.

As long as a dedicated IP address is assigned to you, no one else will be able to use it.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address

While a dedicated IP address might cost extra, it comes but unique benefits that can give your business its much-needed edge.

Enhanced Accessibility

Shared IP addresses are associated with multiple users. A dedicated IP is exclusively yours. This means you can access your website, applications, and services directly through your dedicated IP address. If you have a dedicated IP address, you will get access to all the resources in your hosting server.

Improved Security and Reputation

When it comes to business reputation, there's only a few things that are as important as security. A dedicated IP address enhances your online security by isolating your web traffic from other users.

Shared IPs can sometimes fall victim to blacklisting if any user on the same IP engages in suspicious activities. With a dedicated IP, you eliminate this risk.

This can be especially important to you if your business sends large volumes of emails, as emails from dedicated IPs are generally trusted more by email service providers.

Better Remote Access

If your employees need to access your company resources remotely, a dedicated IP address might be more suitable for you, as it is faster and more secure.

You can also set up secure VPN connections to your office network, granting you an added layer of security. This helps ensure that the only people who can access your network are the ones you grant access to.

Enhanced Website Performance

When it comes to online business, faster is always better. A dedicated IP address can help your business achieve that goal. Since a dedicated IP is solely dedicated to your website, it eliminates performance issues that can come out of sharing IP addresses.

A dedicated IP address is likely to have faster site loading times, reduced downtime, and improved site speed.  Aside from better customer experience, faster websites tend to have higher search engine rankings.

More Secure E-commerce Transactions

An SSL encrypts data between your customer and your server, as these two parties exchange information. You can purchase an SSL certificate from a company that specializes in SSL certification.

If your website handles sensitive customer information, such as credit card details, an SSL certificate is a must. Technically speaking, you don't need a dedicated IP address to get an SSL certificate. But some providers prefer that you use a dedicated IP address when you install SSL on your site.

Ideal for Specific Applications and Services

Some applications and services may require a dedicated IP address for optimal functionality. For instance, setting up a private FTP server or hosting large-scale online events may be better served by a dedicated IP.

Closing Thoughts

A dedicated IP address offers advantages that can help your business. From enhanced accessibility and security to improved website performance, a dedicated IP is an edge against competitors.

You can buy a dedicated IP from reputable brokers. The process is straightforward and a reliable provider can also help with your setup.

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