Increased Value Of IPv4 Address

Larus Team 2021-04-26 06:25:29 buyipv4

As we all know, the development of the Internet cannot do without a network address as its foundation. As the most basic but essential network address in the network world, IPv4 plays a vital role in it. Let us look back at the development of the entire online world, from being worthless at the beginning to today’s “explosive value”, this means that people are paying more and more attention to IPv4; how to make it play maximum IPv4 value, presumably people are more concerned one point (on the basis of not changing its ownership).

As a IP address company with years of experience in this IP address industry, LARUS has already won its place in the IPv4 leasing market. Considering the growing individual value of IPv4, how to maximize its own value? For many people, perhaps It's a problem, but because of the existence of LARUS and the existence of IP Management Service, all of this becomes practical. LARUS’s IP Management Service aims to maximize the utilization of the unused IPv4 addresses in the hands of customers. Therefore, in the era of increasing unit prices, it can still maintain its value while making money,  or even increase its value. This may sound shocking, but the reason for this is that we are currently living through a time of “IPv4 Exhaustion”, where the number of IPv4 addresses available is greatly outpaced by demand. It also means that you able to achieve steady returns by leasing excess IP addresses in your inventory or sell your excess IP addresses for profit to capitalize on this fast appreciating asset.

As the world sits in a “no man's land", waiting for IPv6 adoption to pick up steam but still highly dependent on increasingly scarce IPv4 addresses, now is the ideal time to consider IP Trading with LARUS. Our dynamic platform is prepared to lease your excess IP addresses to credible organizations, as well as renting them out to provide cost-efficient solutions for corporations.

Leasing IP addresses for your company can be a daunting task if you're new to space. That's where our experienced team makes the difference, providing consultancy and guidance throughout the process-from client sourcing to billing, technical issues to on-call customer service. Find out more and start leasing the IP addresses you need today. We are looking for new business opportunities globally wide, so if you think LARUS can help you out, we will be much honoured to do so. Feel free to contact us at and we will always be there to help.

Written by: Ian Lee, Sourcing Executive of LARUS

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