IPv4 situation in Europe

Larus Team 2021-06-09 08:28:30 IPv4 Europe

How are European companies dealing with the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses from the RIR?

In November 2019 the RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre) announced the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. After over 35 years of distributing IP blocks, the European Registry had to stop due to a shortage of resources. The problems surrounding this matter hurt many companies and are still a major issue for many of them. The deficit of IP addresses is precluding many companies in Europe but also around the world to grow their networks and adding new users to them.

The scarcity of resources in Europe is increasing day by day. Countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, or Sweden are already suffering this impediment. These particular countries among many others already used more than 90% of the IPv4 addresses allocated in their regions and require new solutions to achieve their targets.

From 2019 on a new picture had to be built by those corporations looking for IPv4 addresses. Nowadays, finding IP Blocks relies on joining the RIPE NCC waiting list which can take a long time before receiving the needed resource or exploring the options of the market. The market is surrounded by IP Brokers managing the IP transfers between both seller and buyer. Most normally companies will only offer a purchase option in which the company will have to pay a substantial amount of money to receive the IP addresses. Getting the IPs will normally take a long time as big blocks are harder to find and also harder to deploy.

How to get IPv4 address in Europe

Currently, there are 2 ways to get IPv4 which are to lease IPv4 address and buy IPv4 address. There are lots of IP solutions providers in the market but we recommend LARUS Limited. Read below to find out why.

LARUS offers different services in order to satisfy the needs of all companies looking for IP solutions. LARUS is regarded to be the fastest and most reputable company to provide the needs of companies looking for IP addresses.

Among our solutions, we offer a brokerage service much more solid than other companies as we count on a special sourcing team looking for sellers making sure we can offer the required IPs providing the shortest and most affordable price for our buyers. We have the biggest IP network in the world which allows us to easily find the right seller for the right buyer and present the desired offer to both parties.

Nevertheless, our main solution is the leasing IPv4 addresses that we offer to firms. We decided to go one step ahead and provide something different from the mainstream. Our leasing service helps enterprises looking for IPv4 blocks acquire the IPs at the lowest price in the market within 48 hours. This is something merely unique as in the brokerage services it can take up to 6 months for companies to receive the IPs.The reason why we can offer such a service is due to our private pool of IPs that allow us to move faster than any player in the market. By renting IPv4 addresses with us, we assure you the best IPv4 solution in the world.

We are looking for new business opportunities in Europe. If you are interested in leasing IPv4 addresses or buying IPv4 addresses, please leave your contact below or live chat with our specialists at the right bottom.

Written by - Jaume Cabecerans Lopera, Business Development Specialist of LARUS

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