Can IPv4 be a timeless resource ?

Larus Team 2021-06-30 09:36:40 IPv4

IPv4 exhaustion is happening in IANA and will be soon exhausted in RIR while more clients are pouring into the Internet. IPv6, as the only available next-generation Internet protocol, is still not commercially successful because a scheme that could solve the migration of IPv4 resources to IPv6 network, as well as mutual communication between the two incompatible protocols, has not been fully developed and deployed.

Moving into IPv6 is not an individual or organization's interest. It is becoming a compulsion due to the fact that there is no more IPv4 address available. Comparative studies have already shown that IPv6 is far improved from different perspectives.

From a technical perspective, IPv6 helps to avoid IP address inadequacy, enhance security in the network and support for a better quality of service, improve efficiency and optimization of the network, create a better environment to move into a converged network, and the next-generation networking infrastructure. From business and economic perspectives, the latest network infrastructure with IPv6 helps to develop perfect e-Commerce implementation, secure online transactions, reliable and quality email-internet service to the customers, gain or increase customers by the service providers, catch growth opportunities, encouraged for the network and service expansion, prevent increased cost and disruption of service.

Service providers shall use Network Address Translation (NAT) so-called Large Scale NAT (LSN)/NAT444 in their networks to expand service with IPv4 until the entire outside interconnecting network becomes IPv6 operable. However, this is not a long-term solution. Alternatively, the IPv4 address trading business shall help to acquire limited public IPv4 addresses.

It appears that if we want a useful Internet to operate now and in the future, it’s not really a choice between IPv4 NATs and IPv6 at all. To support connectivity across this transition to IPv6 we simply need to continue to use IPv4 both in existing and new network deployments, and that implies we need to make far more intense use of NATs in IPv4. At the same time, we need to finally get serious about IPv6 deployment on the Internet. It’s hard to see an option in this situation when looking at IPv4 timelessly. It now seems like we need both.

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Written by - Leila Bellahsini, Business Development Specialist of LARUS

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