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This is a service world. Knowledge is important. People are consistently looking for information and assistance. They need to know where they can find it and find it fast. Identifying the right place for users to visit is the key in this fast changing world.
For businesses, having the right place to provide their help and services is key to their success. Customers will intuitively know where to go for their services and customer support. Having helpful information readily available also helps reduce manpower in the support department.

A .help domain is an ideal place for

Consultancy Services
consultancy services 1 Consultancy
consultancy services 2 Counselling
consultancy services 3 Training and Education
consultancy services 4 Healthcare and Medical
consultancy services 5 Directories and Catalogues
consultancy services 6 Non-profits and NGOs
consultancy services 7 Blogs and Instructional Resources
consultancy services 8 Community Involvement Microsites for Businesses
Customer Support Services
Customer Support Services 1 Banking and Insurance
Customer Support Services 2 Counselling
Customer Support Services 3 Electronic Products
Customer Support Services 4 Automobile
Customer Support Services 5 Pharmaceutical
Customer Support Services 6 Education
cCustomer Support Services 7 Tourism and Travel
Customer Support Services 8 Online Training and Continuing Education
Customer Support Services 9 Product Reviews and Consumer Protection Sites
Customer Support Services 10 Government Organizations and Public Safety
Customer Support Services 11 Any products and services that require B2B or B2C support services
Customer Support Services 12 Any internal product and training resources for businesses

Whether you provide customer support, financial assistance, employe training,or aid those in need,help is your dedicated resource to serve others. From knowledge bases to wikis to customer reviews,any business or individual can use help. Get YourBusines.help, YourSpecialityhelp, or YourCityhelp and make yourwebsite a trusted resource online.

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